About us

Caroline Fanning B.E., BCL, MIEI, Solicitor is the Principal of the firm.

The firm was established in January 2007 and specialises in litigation, conveyancing law, probate law, motor trade law and personal injury law.

We are also a registered trademark agent (RTMA) with the Irish Patents Office.


Our mission statement is to provide innovative legal solutions in a cost effective and efficient manner. The role of a solicitor in society encompasses shining a light on darkness and to help those who may not otherwise have a voice that is being heard.


Whilst the Internet has brought many benefits through empowering people with quick and easy access to information often enabling people to undertake many areas of work previously confined to professions or tradesman etc there remains advantages to engaging a solicitor to act on your behalf such as peace of mind* in delegating a task to someone who has undertaken years of study and training to qualify for, insurance cover should something go wrong and access to a higher level of skill, expertise and knowledge. It is quoted that Bill Gates succeeded where many of his competitors didn’t because his father was a lawyer and accordingly ensured that his code could not be copied or exploited.


*Judge Hogan now serving as an advocate general to the European Court of Justice has stated that where a person appoints a solicitor to act for them in litigation matters the other party is obliged to communicate solely with that solicitor and not directly with the person (sic suing or being sued) calling any breach of this “an abuse of process” (High Court case O’Reilly -v- Hallihan 2011)