Consent Divorce

It is possible to obtain a Decree of Divorce upon a consent basis where: –

1.  the parties have lived separate and apart for in excess of four years out of the previous five years and;

2.  there is no reasonable prospect of reconciliation and;

3. Proper provision has been made between the parties.

We are currently offering a legal professional fee of €950.00 plus VAT thereon at 23% to obtain a Consent Divorce from Dublin Circuit Family Court which covers the following work: –

A one-hour consultation to take instructions;

drafting Family Law Civil Bill on your behalf;

drafting Affidavit of Means on your behalf;

drafting Certificate pursuant to Section 6 of the Family Law (Divorce) Act 1996 on your behalf;

drafting Notice of Motion and grounding affidavit to obtain a hearing date for your divorce hearing and attending on this date with you as your advocate.

Please note that in the event of Litigation arising in this matter (i.e. where it does not proceed on a consent basis as aforesaid) this estimate does not include litigation fees.